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Looking To Store Compact Discs?

By JP Busk

Have you entered the iPod and MP3 world? If you are like me and my kids, listening to a compact disc is a rare thing because we are now using iPods. But, I still have a ton of discs that I want to keep. I also have a lot of computer back ups on CDR that I need to store. So what’s the best thing to do with all of those CDs? What is the best storage method?

There are many CD storage alternatives and your perfect CD storage solution is probably different than mine. Factors including how many CDs you have and how long you want to keep them will influence your storage method.

Here are a few CD storage alternatives:

CD Jewel Cases
Pros – You probably already own one for the disc and they offer good protection. They can hold your cover art and are easy to line up on a shelf.
Cons –They break. They take up a lot of space.

Plastic CD Sleeves
Pros – They’re cheap and thin so they are easy on the pocket book and easy on the shelf space.
Cons –They’re thin and don’t offer much protection. Plastic sleeves are not recommended for long term storage. I’ve seen cases where they stick to CDs and pull off labels and even the metal surface. Plastic is what it is, it takes a long time to biodegrade when it gets into landfills.

Paper CD Sleeves
Pros – They’re inexpensive and don’t take up a lot of space. They are great for many short term storage needs.
Cons –They’re thin and offer limited protection.

Paperboard CD Sleeves
Pros – Paperboard sleeves are much thicker than paper sleeves so they protect your discs and they are relatively inexpensive.
Cons –They might be hard to seal if that is required.

Tyvek CD Sleeves
Pros – Tyvek sleeves don’t take up a lot of space and they are inexpensive. Tyvek is generally recommended for long term CD storage.
Cons –They’re thin and don’t offer much protection.

CD-ROM Disc Cases – with the Flip-Up Cover
Pros – They can hold a lot of CDs in a small space and may help keep out dust.
Cons –Reading CD labels is a pain.
CD-ROM Drawers
Pros – Keeps CDs out-of-site.
Cons –Keeps CDs out-of-site. Some people just prefer to see their collection. They take up space.

CD Wallets
Pros – They hold a lot of CDs in a small area and may help keep dust off the CDs.
Cons –If a discs is stored in a plastic wallet for a long time or if they are exposed to heat the label may stick to the plastic.

Three Ring Binders
Pros – They can hold your CDs and the CD cover art in one place. They sit on a bookshelf.
Cons –If a disc is stored in a plastic wallet for a long time or if they are exposed to heat the label may stick to the plastic. You have to flip pages to find your CD.

CD Spindles
Pros – They are cheap and hold several hundred CDs in a small stack.
Cons –Sorting through the stack of discs is a pain if you are searching for one specific disc.

About the Author: JP Busk has been in the compact disc business and media packaging business for over 15 years. His wife’s business, Buskerdoo, sells CD and DVD storage products including CD Sleeves, CD Mailers, and CD Labels.

Thu Jan 29 2015

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